Are You Getting Lender “Run Around”??

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It is unfortunate, but some lenders and loan officers make promises that they don’t, or can’t fulfill. Even the most careful borrower gets into situations where they feel like they have made the wrong choice.


Whether it’s changing fees, delays in getting your loan closed, or a flat out loan denial, we have seen it happen before. Because of our unique business model, we have many advantages that you can leverage. Another point of pride for is in funding loans that other lenders fail to complete.

Whether it’s a credit issue or a just delays where you’re getting the “run around”, give us a call and we’ll analyze your situation, giving you an honest assessment of whether we can help you. CLICK HERE to Request a Personal Consultation.


This comes with sincere appreciation.  You are the best!  We appreciate all your hard work to help us get into our house!  We will be sending people to you, so you can help them to also get into homes.  You are very kind & helpful!  You are definitely awesome at what you do!  We will never be able to thank you enough!  We hope all is well!     Casey & Jiu Y.

We wanted you to know how much we appreciated all you did to help us refinance our home.  You made it so easy for us and got us the money we needed, even more than we asked for!  How often does that happen?  After all we had gone through before, with our other refinancing, it was great to have it be so smooth and easy.  We feel very good about referring all our family and friends, who are refinancing or buying a new home, to you without hesitation. Thanks again to you and your staff.      Dave & Doryanne H.

We wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave us as we got our home. We love it!! Thanks for helping us understand everything.  We appreciate you and all you did.

Travis & Marcie H.

NMLS #328534


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