Welcome to our Mortgage Site. Come on in!

By MortgageLendingStation.com. Rate Quote in Seconds. Compare Loan Offers in Minutes. Let’s Talk (714) 798-2012 or (512) 799-0133. SecurityNational Mortgage #3116

Thank you for visiting our mortgage website.  We believe we have taken special care and thought to collect this site with a wealth of knowledge about the mortgage and real estate process; we hope you can feel comfortable enough to call us any time to discuss your one of a kind expectations and desires.                  Image

With SNMC you will have a mortgage loan advisor committed and dedicated to helping you make the most informed decisions.

We are your local FHA, VA, USDA, HARP2 Mortgage Experts assisting you qualify to purchase (even after bankruptcy or foreclosure), and refinance into a better financial position, and just as important, understand ALL of your loan options. Go ahead and give us a shout…..we are here to serve you!

NMLS#:  SNMC# 3116

Freddie Marmolejo #328534

Chris Marmolejo #205023


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