Your Mortgage Depot! (512) 799-0133. Let’s Talk.  Your Mortgage Depot! Let’s talk.  (512) 799-0133 . SecurityNational Mortgage Company NMLS #3116.  MLS photo

With most mortgage lenders you’re offered a limited selection of 2-5 mortgage products, NO service after banking hours, NO education to help you eliminate debt, or improve credit, and usually takes days to know if YOUR mortgage is approved…at you will get access to over 20 different lenders (we do the shopping for you), personal service ‘after banking hours’, your very own personal debt freedom plan, and you’ll get pre-approved within minutes after applying.
Whether you are a 1st Time Buyer looking for a FHA loan , VA loan, JUMBO loan or if you simply want to know when to refinance, you have access to a  mortgage loan advisor with NO less than 10 years experience in the mortage industry. Let’s Talk.

Mortgage Loans offered for you and your specific needs:

NMLS # SNMC 3116

Freddie Marmolejo #328534

11183 Circle Drive, Suite C  Austin, TX 78736

7021 Kewanee, #5-101  Lubbock, TX 79424


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