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Here at American Nationwide Mortgage Company we pride ourselves in our company’s ability to serve our client’s with each person’s unique situation(s).  With ANMC, you have access to a HUGE array of products that most other banks and lenders simply do not offer.  We’re truly grateful we’ve had the opportunity to serve all our past, and current, clients.  A special “Thank You” to those who have been kind enough to write raving reviews for us.  Without our whole team none of this is possible. Apply Now

  • “We were attempting to take advantage of the lower interest rates through the government sponsored HARP program. We started the process in October 2011. Each lender telling us that we are the perfect candidates. We took several “dings” on our credit because we allowed each lender to run a credit check. Each coming back with a different reason why we didn’t qualify. It wasn’t that we didn’t qualify, it was the fact that this lender didn’t handle the type of loan we needed. After paying for 2 appraisals; I finally found Freddie Marmolejo through a search on the web for a lender that handles Freddie Mac Open Access loans. He was patient and thorough. Whenever I called, if he didn’t answer, I received a call back within an hour. He stayed in constant contact with us and walked us through the process. Once he found an investor to take our loan the process took about 45 days. I would refer him to all my friends and relatives, he was just that good!!!” ~ T. Glenn (Spring, TX) 8/7/2012
  • My introduction to Freddie was via a referral.  I had tried to refinance my home loan with a large bank and was declined for a reason I still do not understand today.  I called Freddie and explained the situation.  He was ready and excited to help.  My goal as it had been with the large bank was to refinance my home for shorter term with competitive rates.  The majority of communication was via email.  As I was used to completing refinances in person I was up front with Freddie and Misty Marmolejo about my expectations and they were exceeded!  There were times when they responded to one of my questions so quickly that they called me to make sure that I received an email.  Freddie is a very knowledgeable and patient mortgage broker.  He explained the various steps to securing a refinance.  He was successful in securing approval for my loan in two days, told me why certain documents were needed, was open to negotiating fees and sent my real estate appraisal and title policy via email.  His colleague Misty was also instrumental in following up to make sure I supplied all the paperwork needed to finalize my refinance.  A notary came to my home on a Saturday morning so I could sign various documents and Freddie told me I could call him that morning if I had any questions about the documents I was signing.  I didn’t need to call him but it was nice to know he was there if I needed him.  Excellent service and follow through was provided by both Freddie and Misty and I will recommend them to family and friends. ~ K.Dixon (Allen, TX) 8/7/2012
  • “We just saved $61,962.74 – Thanks Freddie Marmolejo!! ~ J. Botros (Lubbock, TX ) 6/5/2012
  • “Just wanted to thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into helping us get our home. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work and perseverance. Thank you again Freddie for going the extra mile after mile after mile. You are awesome!” ~ L. Gaona (Lubbock, TX) 7/8/2012
  • Freddie and his team were great.  We had been Wells Fargo customers for many, many years and they were more difficult to deal with.  I liked having a real person answer the phone, and dealing with the same person throughout the process.  Freddie was patient, thorough, and made sure that our transaction went off without issue.  We got a great rate and were very pleased with the process!  ~ T. Bohannon (Arlington, TX) 6/12/2013
  • I’m a single mom with two beautiful children. I tried buy a home but everywhere I went for a loan, I was denied. Even there was one company who said I had credit but not enough and if I had $4000 they could get me into a home of not my choice. And then I was discouraged. So I left it alone for a while, signed another 6 month lease where I was living. A couple of months before my lease ended I tried one more time. I was looking at this house that I had been eyeing for a year and half. I called the realtor and he was very helpful. He gave a few cards and one company was hard to get a hold of and the other denied me as usual. Well I called the realtor again and he later sent me an email to call Freddie Marmolejo. He said he was great and he could help me. I called Freddie right away and he asked me for all my information and gave me a quick response. This time I was approved. I was so happy that my kids could see that I was so happy. This is my first time ever making a big move like this. Freddie was very patient with me and confident of his work.  He explained everything to me to where I could understand. I recommend Freddie Marmolejo to my friends and family. Thank you so much Freddie Marmolejo.  ~ A. Anaya (Lubbock, TX) 6/13/2013

Freddie Marmolejo: NMLS# 328534. (512) 799-0133. 11183 Circle Drive, Suite C  Austin, TX 78736.

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