7 Facts You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages: Texas & California

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Perhaps you have a friend or family member who

has been dreaming about this moment throughout

their working life–BEING RETIRED and having the

time and money to: Travel, fix up the family home,

indulge in hobbies, visit grandchildren, spend

weekends at the cottage, help their children buy a

home, pay off debts, help their grandchildren with

tuition fees, and most importantly, not have to worry

about anything!

But now that they’re over 62, they may have been

caught off guard by the expenses associated with

retirement, such as property taxes, rising energy

and utility expenses, and the overall cost of living,

which seems to get higher every year. Sure, they

have their pension income, but it may not be

enough to make ends meet.

Most seniors have most…

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