Mortgage Rate Lock Alert Recommendation

Looks like December is following normal trends, HUGE UPTICK in the Market – this is normal, and considered to be a standardization of the market prior to all the changes coming next year.

Freddie Marmolejo  Let’s Talk. (972) 535-5935 Your Texas and California FHA | VA | JUMBO |Reverse Mortgage Depot! nmls# 328534

However, JOBS NUMBERS comes out Friday – this could be a major Player – If numbers are HIGHER – 180k-200k more than expected, this could send the MARKETS even higher and thus cause rates to increase more than .375% over night. Lock rate

My recommendation –  LOCK your interest mortgage rate NOW and take the savings, if rates improve through the process –we can always look at renegotiating the rate!

Get off the fence….if you are going to get anything done before the end of the year, now is the time.  Apply Now and get your rate quote here >>>> 


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