Realtors: Words you Never Want to Hear

As a Real Estate Agent, there are a few dreaded words that we hope we never hear – “Sorry, we purchased a home already and are closing next week.”

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If you have been fortunate to never hear those words, then count yourself lucky.  If you have heard them before, then you can’t let it happen again.  Period.

The number one rule in any business is – follow up, follow up, and follow up!  StandOut from the Crowd

On the next Agent Mastermind class (click here to join >>, we are going to cover some great strategies that will help you make sure you never lose another buyer or seller again, including –

What system is best for buyer and seller follow up?

What is the best way to follow up?
What follow up system is the most user friendly?
And much more…

For both new and seasoned agents alike, this class will really help you improve your follow up systems and have better long term relationships with your clients.  We’ll see you there!

PS…last week’s class was a knockout on simplifying your email.  If you need a copy, let me know….Aggressively Dedicated to Your Real Estate Success!


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