Realtors: 98% of Businesses Rely on Referrals. Are You?

By Freddie Marmolejo. Your Texas JUMBO | FHA | VA Lender. Let’s Talk (972) 535-5935. nmls# 328534

Statistics show that 98% of businesses rely on referrals but the staggering truth is that, on average, only 3% of those businesses actually have a referral marketing strategy in place!

In today’s challenging economy we must do something very innovative to increase referral business and separate ourselves from others.

Real Estate business owners don’t have large marketing budgets, but they NEED to market to stay in business. Although they rely on 98% referrals, only 3% have a referral marketing strategy!

This Tuesday on Agent Mastermind we have a top agent that is going to share her secrets on how you can develop a referral marketing strategy. We’ll cover –

  • How she is 98% referral based
  • Her referral marketing machine
  • What she sends out
  • When she sends it out
  • Why she sends it out
  • How she makes it personal to each client
  • Why she has no competition
  • And so much more

This class is sure to impress you (and it’s FREE), so be sure to sign up now >>

If you’re looking for a great way to increase your referrals, then don’t miss out on the next class. We’ll see you there!

Dedicated to your success now and in the future,

Freddie Marmolejo

PS…Last week we covered a great follow up system that will work well with this next class. If you need a copy of


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