20 Ways To Incorporate Wall-mounted TVs and Shelves Into Your Decor

I’ve spent weeks trying to figure out the best way to wall-mount my TV in the living room. It’s not an easy decision to make, especially when the whole design of the living room furniture depends on it. Wall-mounted TVs look great when paired with open shelves because they make the contrasts less obvious.  (article brought to you by www.homedit.com)

Create a unique display area for your TV, like this brick wall. If you don’t want it too stand out that much, paint it a color similar to the rest of the walls. Also, you can add a little bit of accent lighting to make the design more interesting and to highlight the texture of the wall.

Love the idea of an extra wide shelf to complement the TV. It’s an interesting alternative to traditional TV consoles and those storage compartments underneath are excellent for so many things.

Custom-made furniture is your best option as you can personalize according to your exact needs and preferences. This living room features a very interesting wall unit with designated area for the wall-mounted TV and a nice display area underneath.

A feature wall lets you create a focal point while also being functional. Similar to a fireplace wall, this TV unit elegantly separates this area from the rest of the house. The two simple shelves provide enough storage and display space for all the basic items.

Don’t want to mount the TV on any of the existing walls? Add a wall divider. This one has a very simple design, featuring wooden slats attached to steel poles. They go from floor to ceiling and the TV is easy to mount on them too.

Frame your TV with wall-mounted boxes like these ones. In this particular case, they’re made of stainless steel and they’re great for storing and displaying books, DVDs and other things you might need in a home theater or living room.

A unique TV unit featuring a combination of open shelves of different dimensions and closed storage spaces. Love the way the speakers were mounted around the TV and also the combination between the fireplace wall and this unit.

by Chris Snook Photography

A wall-mounted TV is the centerpiece of any wall unit. In this case, it’s actually placed in the center. The design is simple and includes a long shelf above the TV which frames the design beautifully. We also like the combination of colors and the way the lower cabinet disappears into the décor.

Frame your TV with a combination of furniture and wall art. Hang framed photos of different sizes and at different heights and don’t try to be symmetrical. It’s a nice look for a modern living room.

If you prefer a minimalistic décor, take a look at this design. A floating cabinet with an open back was placed vertically and is complemented by a wide horizontal piece. The TV sits in between, a little closer to the right and the composition is gorgeous.

by Claudia Uribe Photography

Try a combination of colors for your media furniture. This mix of gray and yellow is refreshing and has a cheerful twist. The colors contrast with each other and are beautifully juxtaposed.

by G Todd Photography

Coherence is important in any interior design. An interesting concept is using wood slat partitions like these ones with built-in shelves to unify the décor in the room. It’s also a nice idea for an interesting background for the wall-mounted TV.

by Chrissnook Photography

If you decide to use a powerful accent color in the room, one panel should be enough. Here, it’s placed behind the TV and allows the box shelf to contrast with the purple background. A great way to make a simple design stand out.

Take advantage of the walls in your family room with built-in TV designs and recessed shelves. You’ll need to install a new outlet behind the TV and then frame everything for a sleek look.

Floating cabinets are very practical and simple-looking and they’re the perfect thing to complement a wall-mounted TV. This box-like shelf houses all the usual gadgets and still offers room for displaying a few decorations.

by Eric Rorer Photgraphy

A common place for the TV is above the fireplace, is the room has one. Here you can see a traditional design with an elegant mantel and trim. The gray makes the piece pop without overwhelming the color scheme.

Black and white is always a good combo. Try a black background with white shelves and floating cabinetry. The TV should fit right in and you can place it at the center of your design.

You can save space in a small room with open shelves. Mount the TV on the wall at a comfortable height and choose shelves that have the same color as the wall. This way the room will feel airy and spacious.

A TV back panel can be just the thing to make your living room feel complete. Match it with your sofa or the rest of the furniture. Also, consider using a neutral color such as white for the adjacent accessories.

This is a gorgeous idea for a modern living room. The TV is recessed into the wall panel and the accent lighting really makes the whole design stand out. The bottom shelves are also very stylish and sleek.


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