Realtors: How to Find More Buyers and Sellers

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of people ask where they can find more buyers and sellers and how they can get them to the closing table. Believe it or not, there are a lot right in front of you and chances are you’re not marketing to them effectively. Figure Announcement

After all, we are really in the “Marketing To Our Database” business, not the Real Estate Business. It’s not always about getting more clients; it’s about keeping our clients that know, like and trust us. How do you do this? Join us for the next Agent Mastermind class to find out!

CLICK HERE to Register>>>> And it’s FREE 🙂

We will share with you a blue print for marketing to your database that could double, if not triple, your income. We’ll go over –

  • The blueprint
  • Scripts when calling
  • Strategies to re-engage
  • When to do it
  • How to handle a large database
  • What to say to your database
  • Snail mail strategy you don’t want to miss
  • And so much more.

Make sure you sign up for this one because it will really change the way you do business and will help you hone in on buyers and sellers.

Dedicated to your success,

PS…On last week’s class we covered a killer way to farm a particular neighborhood and capture all of the contact information for the people that live there. This is a HUGE deal so if you missed it, let me know and I’ll send you a  copy.


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